Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Do You Know Dear?

Do you know dear,that the sun will always shine after the night?
Do you know dear,that rainbow will appear after the rain?
Do you know dear that death will be replaced by birth?
Do you know dear that flower will always bloom?
Do you know dear that smile will always replace your tears?
Do you know dear that happiness will come and erase your sadness?

If Ur head full with problems..
If u feel sick..If you are depressed..
If you are falling in love..
If u are a broken heart..

Just believe that God will help and trust me,you'll gonna be fine..Gonna be alright..

You just need to find your way home..
To make you feel comfortable and save...

*everything is gonna be alright,Dear,trust me (^_^)
a big hug for all of you..

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